Sunday, March 25, 2012

First backyard camp out of the year!

Looks like fun family time.....
The babies love their tiny chairs!

Cute kids, minus Mikey.  He makes his
entrance in about 5 minutes.  You'll see!
Check out the next post.

Backyard Camp Out Part 2

     Mikey was poking the fire pit with a stick, then writing on the pavement with the black tip. Apparently, there were still some hot embers on it because when he whacked the giant bush, it was instantly engulfed in flames!
I called 911. We are 2 minutes away from the fire station, but the wind picked up and the field of weeds was burning fast. Mikey was terrified. He thought the police would take him to jail. It was scary, but ended well. They didn't ticket or site us because it was small. It is a hard way to learn a lesson, but very effective. He's traumatized for life! On a good note..... it's nice to have some of the humongous weeds gone!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Just a little catching up!

Here are a few pics from the past year.
I just put the blogger app on my phone! We will see if it makes it easier to blog.  Everyone said that if I could survive the first year with twins, that the rest would be easy.  I'm not so sure about the easy part, but I feel a HUGE sense of relief knowing that we've made it to their first birthdays!  The past year has been a big whirlwind of craziness.  There were lots of times I wished I could have been the stay at home mom.  Without fail, everytime I thought I would lose my marbles, some one would come over and offer to help, or family would call and ask if they could come visit for the weekend.  I am very grateful for all of the love and support we have had. 
Cousin Sophia, loves the babies
Always has his tongue hanging out!
Baby Blessing
Mikey dressed Mason to look like him.  Mason 3  months/ Mikey 5 yrs.
I never want to forget what it felt like to have two tiny tots.  So special!
Had to try the giant camping chair at Big 5.
Halloween 2011
Love it when family visits!
Our first Halloween. Super cute li'l Spooks!
Punkie Patch with Gma Goof!
Kindergarten at last!
Always so happy!
24th of July 2011
Loves her toes!
Doesnt' have a motorcycle or 4 wheeler, but loves wearing a helmet!
He's a reader in the making!Big sister loves her babies.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Pictures

Mmm! frosting
He loved the frosting, but hates being sticky.
More Christmas Pictures
                                             Yummy Yummy Frosting
                                             Mckenna wanted to get balloons to celebrate 
                                             Christ's birthday.
                                            Mikey's castle

                                             Mikey calls this his Baby Hulk Po Wheeler.
Anything green is for baby hulk.
                                              Pretty in pink.  She loves her mp3 player
December went bye so quickly.  I love the holiday season.  I love looking for the perfect gifts for my little kiddos.  I shopped online this year.  I scored big with free shipping and killer deals.  It was so nice to be able to shop without having my kids with me.  Mckenna had her dance recital.  She is in a tumbling class.  I was so proud of her.  Grandma and Grandpa came to watch her.  She is a limber little thing.   I think she was most excited about getting to wear makeup.  My camera worked until 2 or 3 minutes before she danced so I only have pre-dance pics.  Oh well.
Kenna also has a lose tooth.  She is very excited about it.  She feels very grown up.
We adopted an elf from the North Pole.  We  got a certificate and gave him a name.  Kenna named him Jingle.  He visited several nights and left treats if the kids had been good.  We wrote letters and he wrote back.  He hid treats around the house for them.  It will be a fun tradition to continue.
Mikey's wish list:  a po wheeler ( 4 wheeler), a bopdodder (helicopter),  and a race car
Kenna's wish list: an mp3 player, a doll that goes potty, and the game Guess Who electronic

Christmas Eve:  On Christmas Eve, we made Santa's cookies.  Michael played with his dough until it was a dirty gray color.  He had fun with the cookie cutters.  Mckenna's cookies had to be perfect.  She was very careful (took forever).  Frosting the cookies was the highlight.  Mikey had a ball.  He piled the frosting and the decor on thick.  Then he licked it off and re-frosted the cookie.  I only let him do that twice.  Kenna's cookies were very cute.  She wanted to be sure she left Santa pretty cookies.  After the cookies were done, it was dinner time.  Not that anyone had room for dinner.  I make enchiladas every year.  It is Ken's favorite.  We also made bead ornaments.  The kids had fun stringing beads onto pipe cleaners.    Yes, it was a busy night.  I told you the month went fast, we had a lot to do that last night.

Christmas morning:  We were lucky enough to be able to sleep in until 7:00.  They were both very excited about their gifts.  Mckenna wanted to tear through everything, and Mikey was stuck on his first gift, the 4 wheeler.  We finally just had to open his other gifts for him.  Santa's gifts were a hit.  The plan was to buy things that would keep them active and wear them out so they would sleep well at night.   They were both in bed and asleep by 7:30 pm!!
Any way, we took them to Ken's school and let them play with their toys in the gym.  Mckenna got a giant ball.  It is like having a hamster wheel.  She also has a motorcycle from last year's Christmas, so they both rode their little vehicles.  Mikey got an inflatable castle bouncy thing.  They had fun jumping in that all afternoon too.  It was a great day.  Merry Christmas everyone!

A Bit of Back Blogging

Daddy's little helper.
A skirt's a skirt, even if it is for a tree.
I'm not sure where the time went, but here is a list of events and highlights from the month.
1.  I turned 32 on November 3rd.  Not bragging, but I'm okay with it.
2. We made a trip to Idaho for my grandma's funeral.  As sad as it was to lose her, it was nice to see cousins and other family we had not seen in a very long time.  It turned out to be a very nice weekend.  We rented 6 hotel rooms right next to the falls.  The little kids had fun being together.
3. We put up our Christmas tree.  Mckenna thought the tree skirt was really a skirt, and Mikey was very Hands-On while helping put the tree together.  He was like a little auto mechanic under the tree putting the last layer of branches on.
The weather was beautiful.  

4. Thanksgiving at Mom and Dad's house!  Oh yeah, we didn't go because we all had the stomach flu.   Luckily, we have very thoughtful neighbors who made an entire feast and brought it over.  We didn't actually eat until Friday.  We were very thankful to have it and not have to cook.
Much to be thankful for, as always.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election 2008

Kids say the cutest things. Mckenna came home from gymnastics and asked me who I was voting for, Brock the Bama or John the Cain. I thought it was very cute. Then Tuesday night I was loading the kids into the car. I said " Come on, mommy has to go vote" Mikey got all excited and said " yay yay yay go boat" When we got to the city office building to vote, he quickly realized that there were no boats. He started yelling " no mom go boat" I tried to explain that I had to vote and that there was no boat. He was not very happy with me.